The Impact of Dietary Fiber on Gut Microbiota in Host Health and Disease.

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PubMed ID: 29902436

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Makki K, Deehan EC, Walter J, Bäckhed F

Cell Host Microbe. Jun 2018

COMMENT: Diet is not only essential to maintain human growth, reproduction, and health, but it also modulates and supports the symbiotic microbial communities that colonize the digestive tract-the gut microbiota. Type, quality, and origin of our food shape our gut microbes and affect their composition and function, impacting host-microbe interactions.

In this review, Makki et al. focus how dietary fiber impacts gut microbial ecology, host physiology, and health by specifically focusing on mechanisms by which a low-fiber diet disrupts the microbial ecosystem and leads to a predisposition to chronic inflammatory diseases.

A better understanding of diet-microbiota interactions will help to develop a personalized nutrition approach that would target and reduce more efficiently the incidence of chronic inflammatory diseases.


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