Relationships Between Perinatal Interventions, Maternal-Infant Microbiomes, and Neonatal Outcomes

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PubMed ID: 29747892

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Valentine G, Chu DM, Stewart CJ, Aagaard KM

Clin Perinatol. Jun 2018 doi

COMMENT: It is widely described the relation of the human microbiome with human common diseases like obesity, type II diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease to name a few. It is also thought that this relation might start in early life during developmental windows where the microbiome is initially defined. So, there is a growing scientific interest in getting deeper knowledge of how the microbiome is established in early life and how external factors might influence on it.

The authors in the article describe the state of the art in the research around how external birth-related factors might play a role in the establishment and shaping of the initial infant microbiomes. The article focuses on the relation of perinatal interventions like intrapartum antibiotics profilaxis or hospitalization among others, and breastfeeding vs formula feeding with the development of the neonate's microbiome. The article also emphasizes the role the mother microbiome might have in preterm risk.

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