Phthalate exposure alters gut microbiota composition and IgM vaccine response in human newborns.

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PubMed ID: 31356917

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Yang YN, Yang YSH, Lin IH, Chen YY, Lin HY, Wu CY, Su YT, Yang YJ, Yang SN, Suen JL

Food Chem Toxicol. Oct 2019

COMMENT: This work studies the effect of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), a common plasticizer, over newborn microbiota by means of a prospective cohort study. Newborns with respiratory distress who were given intravenous infusions (IVs) were enrolled as the DEHP group, and newborns who did not receive IVs were enrolled as the control group.

The conclusion of the study was that the exposition to phthalate produces changes in the newborn microbiome and possibly in posterior immune responses

DEHP exposure altered bacterial communities both in composition and diversity, particularly decreases in Rothia sp. and Bifidobacterium longum in the DEHP group. Furthermore, DEHP exposure significantly enhanced anti-HBsAg-IgM responses in the DEHP group (p = 0.013). Early-life DEHP exposure alter gut microbiota of newborns and may change their immune responses in later life.



Raquel Tobes