Metaproteomic investigation to assess gut microbiota shaping in newborn mice: A combined taxonomic, functional and quantitative approach.

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PubMed ID: 31102759

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Levi Mortera S, Soggiu A, Vernocchi P, Del Chierico F, Piras C, Carsetti R, Marzano V, Britti D, Urbani A, Roncada P, Putignani L

J Proteomics. Jul 2019

COMMENT:  This work is centred on the use of metaproteomics for  analyzing newborn microbiota. The authors present a method based on the use of  liquid chromatography (LC) tandem mass spectrometry (MS) to monitor mouse gut microbiota in the early life, that allows the characterization of its functions and metabolic activities and the prediction of its taxomonic profile.

We focused on the shaping of the mouse gut microbiota in dependence on the feeding modality, defining a reliable taxonomic description, highlighting some functional characteristics of the microbial community, and performing a first quantitative evaluation by data independent analysis in metaproteomics.


Raquel Tobes