The #2 USA Hospital Cleveland Clinic Unveils 2017 Top 10 Medical Innovations: #1 The Microbiome

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A panel of top doctors and researchers presents the advancements with the power to transform healthcare in 2017. The top 10 innovations were unveiled to more than 1,600 doctors, entrepreneurs and other industry leaders at the 14th annual Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit.

Recent discoveries have revealed the power of microbes to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

From the Cleveland Clinic web:

When it comes to life-saving potential and market opportunities, the gut is a gold mine. Trillions of bacteria making up communities in our body – the microbiome – are unlocking mysteries at a rapid pace as the market scrambles to address the possibilities.

The crux of the discovery, made within the last 10 years, is that our microbes have a mind of their own. The chemicals they emit interfere with the way food is digested, medicine is deployed, and even how a disease progresses.

Biotech companies once focused on the genomic market are pivoting to the potential of the microbiome to develop new diagnostics, new therapies, and “probiotic” products to prevent dangerous microbe imbalances.

With the National Microbiome Initiative accelerating research and development, experts believe 2017 is the year the microbiome cements itself as the healthcare industry’s most promising and lucrative frontier

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