The microbiome influences the patient response to cancer immunotherapy

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Recent works demosntate a relationship between the microbiome and the response to immunotherapy in cancer patients. It has been published that highly diverse gut microbiomes are  related with a better response to the immunotherapy.

In some works the tumour growth was reduced in mice that received faecal transplants from people who responded to immunotherapy:

The type of most abundant bacteria in the gut microbiome was also important:

The type of microbe was also linked to differences in responses to treatment, the researchers discovered. For example, people whose guts contained a lot of bacteria from a group called Clostridiales were more likely to respond to treatment, whereas those who had more Bacteroidales bacteria were less likely to respond.

Also in other work the presence of  Akkermansia muciniphila was linked to better responses to immunotherapy:


Raquel Tobes