A coat for bacteria: layer-by-layer encapsulation for beneficial bacteria delivery

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A good idea of a team of MIT: scientists of the Jaklenec group have developed a new way for delivering beneficial bacterial to the human gut. They coat bacteria with polymer layers similar to those of some pharmaceutical preparations. This coat protects bacteria from the acids and bile salts found in the digestive tract.

Once the microbiome is better understood, we can use this delivery platform to target certain areas and introduce certain species there

says Ana Jaklenec

The biodegradable polysaccharides chitosan and alginate were the selected polymers to do the coat for bacteria. These polymers are mucoadhesive and are being used in oral drug delivery technologies.

The bacteria are delivered and they adhere to the intestinal wall, where they survive much better than noncoated bacteria,

says Koch Institute postdoc Aaron Anselmo, the first author of the paper published in Adv Mater. 2016 Sep 12.


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