Microbiota and future health

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Domus Medica (preklinisk I og II): Store auditorium 9 SognsvannsveienOslo, Oslo, 0372 Norway , 26/09/2019 - 26/09/2019

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Humans consist of more microbial cells than human cells and their genes form an integrated part of who we are. The human microbiome plays a crucial part in the maturation of the immune system, brain development and function, metabolism of food, synthesis of vitamins and more. It is crucial to preserve the microbiome we inherited from our ancestors and which has developed in symbiosis with us throughout evolution.

The conference will present the research frontier on gut microbiome and human health, and address how antibiotics and other microbial agents, as well as caesarean delivery, disrupt the human microbial ecosystem.

The overall aim is to ensure that this perspective is taken into account, in treatment, research and legislation.


Final program

Maria Gloria Dominguez Bello: Gut Microbes in an Age of Disruptive Change
Rob Knight: How microbes make us who we are
Shyamal D. Peddada: On the differential abundance analysis of microbiome – some recent developments and challenges
Tore Midtvedt: Treatment of dysbiosis with FMT
Johannes Hov: The gut microbial contribution to liver disease
Marius Troseid: Targeting the gut-heart axis
Kasper Schei: The Rising of the Yeast - Can fungi make you grow?
Merete Eggesbø: Obesity. Faulty diet or faulty microbiome
Nina Izsatt: The gut microbiome: Another target for environmental pollutants

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