Commercializing the Microbiome - the Unseen Organ

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LabCentral, 700 Main Street, North, Cambridge, MA 02139, 21/03/2018 - 21/03/2018

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BABCNE invites you to join us at LabCentral in the heart of Kendall Square’s innovation district, as we explore the significance of the microbiome and its commercial value. What is fact and what is fiction? 

The vast majority of your body’s bacteria reside in your gut. These bacteria (microbes), live inside and on any tissue of your body (including your gut), exerting a profound impact on your health and just about every bodily process. This is your microbiome.

 Allergies, autoimmunity, depression and other inflammatory diseases are increasing at alarming rates and have all been associated with impaired microbiome health.

 This evening will be all about the microbiome — how exactly does it influence our lifestyle and well-being? Why is it relevant in drug development and for which therapeutic areas does it have the most potential?

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Carmen Martín