Bacterial World Special Exhibition

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Oxford University Museum of Natural History, 19/10/2018 - 19/10/2018

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As soon as we hear the word ‘bacteria’ most of us think of illness and disease, but a fascinating and enlightening new exhibition at Oxford University Museum of Natural History breaks this long-held myth.
This autumn, Bacterial World seeks to rehabilitate the reputation of bacteria and counter the popular misconception that they are all bad, or to be feared.
Incorporating more than 55 exhibits – spanning monumental art, geological and deep-sea specimens, film, and digital interactives – Bacterial World will demonstrate how these tiny organisms wield huge influence over us, shaping the past, present and future of life on our planet.

The exhibition will feature items generously loaned from institutions including the Wellcome Collection, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum, and the Natural History Museum, London.

Making visible the microscopic world around us, one of the most striking elements of the exhibition – and at 28 metres long, by far the largest – is a giant inflatable E. coli sculpture created by renowned artist Luke Jerram. Suspended from the roof, in itself a dramatic feat of engineering, Jerram’s E. coli is five million times bigger than the real thing 



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