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microBEnet BLOG

microBEnet BLOG

About microBEnet:

The microbiology of the Built Environment network (aka microBEnet) is a project funded by a grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Program on the Indoor Environment to Jonathan A. Eisen at the University of California, Davis.   The main goals of the microBEnet project are to:

1.    Catalyze communication and collaboration among researchers funded in the Sloan Program on the Indoor Environment.
2.    Reach out to researchers in related fields (e.g., microbial ecology, building sciences) and provide them with resources that would help them begin to study microbiology of the built environment.
3.    Provide outreach to “stakeholders” outside of these fields (e.g., the general public, funding agency representatives, government staffers)


BLOG Microbiome Digest

About Microbiome Digest:

This blog is a (almost) daily digest with scientific papers about microbiome research and other interesting microbiology papers. 


EBI metagenomics

EBI metagenomics

At EBI you can browse microbiomes from:

  • Soil
  • Agricultural
  • Fecal
  • Forest soil
  • Rhizosphere
  • Dairy products
  • Rumen
  • Grasslands
  • Marine
  • Contaminated
  • Others

You can access EBI microbiomes here:


PharmacoMicrobiomics: The Drug-Microbiome Portal How Bugs Modulate Drugs?

The PharmacoMicrobiomics web portal is a part of an initiative to explore the interactions between human-associated microbes (human microbiome) and drugs by building a knowledgebase that allows interested students and investigators "to predict the behavior of untested members of drug classes or unstudied microbial species, and to design laboratory experiments for testing these predictions.



... news, updates, videos and more from all over the internet about the world of Microbiome.


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